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Emma Väärä died at the age of 103

Väärän Emma eli 103-vuotiaaksi Amerikassa – Emma Maria Juhontytär Väärä oli syntynyt Tapion no 26 torpassa. Hän lähti Amerikkaan vuonna 1917. Emma Alajoki, 103, was born Aug. 22, 1897, in Muhos, Finland. She came to the United States in June of 1916 [1917], living first in Massachusetts. Emma worked as a ward maid in a hospital. She came to the Deer River area in 1921 when she was asked to cook at the lumber camp of her cousin, John Puhakka, near Mack. She married John Alajoki Aug. 11, 1921, and lived in the Deer River area most of her life. … Lue koko teksti

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Hilda Törmänen from Kuusamo via Laitasaari to USA 1903

EMIL  JOHN LEHTIMAKI was born in Lempäälä Finland in 1883 (Johan Emil Juhonpoika Lehtimäki b.  24.9.1883 Lempäälä, was son of railroad guard and went to USA with passport dated 1902, used later name Maki and Hill – information added by Solja. 1) His son Arnold tells about his childhood family: My dad ran the farm for almost 30 years. He then took the job of managing the local farmers cooperative in Astoria, Oregon. By then Hugo and I were old enough to do most of the farm work. My dad died of natural causes in 1956 at the age of … Lue koko teksti

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Juho and Kustaa Keränen in America

At Christmas 2012 I ran across a person named Jami Lewis on Facebook. She told me she was searching for her Keränen ancestors in Laitasaari, Muhos. I promised to come to her aid and we did find out facts about the family. Her great grandfather Kustaa Iisakki Keränen could be  traced back to Vainiokangas no 55 in Laitasaari. Originally he was not one of the Keränen family in Laitasaari but one of the Tuomaala family in Rantsila. Jami´s family roots also lead to Hartikka no 3 in Laitasaari and to other farms in the area. Her grandmother was Kustaa´s daughter … Lue koko teksti

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Salli Lund (Hill, Mäkelä), a writer

A writer and poet, Salli Lund (née Mäkelä, later Hill) was born into the family of a mate, Mäkelä, as the 11th child in Oulu on the 12th of December, 1902. The family moved later from Oulu to the house of Ontero in Laitasaari. Salli’s parents were Matti Esanpoika Mäkelä (originally Roininen, born in Utajärvi on the 9th of January, 1850, died on the 2nd of July, 1929) and Kaisa Kristiina née Sankilampi (born in Oulu on the 23rd of July, 1860, died in Muhos on the 25th of October, 1938). More of the family here  but only in Finnish, … Lue koko teksti

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From Laitasaari to America

In the surveys of some houses there are already mentions of people who went to America. Now we hope that the readers of the blog will give us more information, pictures, documents and stories on the inhabitants of Laitasaari who visited America or settled down there. It would also be great to have information on their descendants because of the English part of the blog, which will first concentrate mainly on those villagers of Laitasaari who moved to live in America and their ancestors and posterity. On the page of Holappa number 51 Solja tells for example of  Juho Jaakko … Lue koko teksti

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Keränen genes out in the wide world

I have been involved with DNA genealogy for a while. Working on White Sea Karelia DNA project I discovered that several DNA- tested individuals from Laitasaari proved to be DNA-related to one individual in Viena (White Sea Karelia). One of the tested is a man from the Pelo family. I contacted June Pelo, contact person of the test and she e-mailed me that her family comes from the Keränen farm in Laitasaari and one of the forefathers is a man by the name Lauri Keränen. June authorized me to write about her family and roots in Laitasaari. Lauri Keränen is … Lue koko teksti

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