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Welcome to Laitasaari village history site! Site was established in 2011 and published for all readers in March 2012. Purpose of this site is to collect history of Laitasaari village farms nr 1-78 and publish those also in books (3). You can find the chief editors, technical support persons and writers from page Kirjoittajat.

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  1. Amy Ruffi sanoo:

    I am sorry I only know English. I hope you can help. I found this site on the Finnish genealogy site on Facebook. I recognized several of the names of the miner’s on the list as part of my mother’s family.
    Much to my surprise and delight I found a photo on the site of my great-grandmother Signe Arola Gustafson as a child with her parents and two brothers. I am wondering if it would be possible to get a copy of the photo via email? We do not seem to have this photo in my family and I am so excited to see it. My 2great-grandparents (Johan Wiljam (John William) Britanpoika Holappa Arola & Greta Johanna Juhontytar Holappa both came to Michigan from Laitasaari, they married in Michigan and eventually settled in Wadena area, Minnesota. They were first cousins I believe, John William’s mother and Greta Johanna’s father were siblings.
    Thank you!

  2. Shauna Katariina Ruutikainen sanoo:

    Terve! I live in the U.S. and don’t speak/write Finnish the best, so I hope you don’t mind me writing in English. I came across this site after google-ing my great-grandfather’s name, Juho Isidor Kynsilehto. And here I have finally found more info about him and his family. Thank you! My father’s mother was a Kynsilehto: Lempi Katariina (Juho and Kaisa’s daughter). She grew up in the house Lehtola. I have old letters that I cannot translate currently, and I’ve noticed the name ”Honkarinta” quite often. They had friends named Honkarinta, but now I think that they were not friends, but family members. I see that there is a picture with some Kynsilehto boys in it, but I cannot tell which one is my isoisän-isä Juho. Do you know who is who?
    -Kynsilehto Tyttö. P.S. I left my email address.

    • Sari sanoo:

      Shauna, Juho Isidor’s brother was Eeli Kynsilehto (b. 1902) and his wife was Jenni Honkarinta (b. 1895). They lived in a house named Lehtola.


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